Company Profile

Double Check Ltd. provides high performance thermal solutions for numerous

commercial and industrial applications and specializes in the Development,

Design and Manufacturing of thermoelectric systems.

Double Check’s global customers vary from start-up companies to established

corporations, some of which are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

We at Double Check choose to follow a solution-oriented doctrine,

understanding the importance of partnership with our customers to achieve

common goals and defined application needs.

Double Check Ltd. an Israeli corporation has acquired in 2011 all the

operation of TES Ltd established in 2001 and specialized in providing high

efficient thermoelectric solutions for industrial applications. Double Check’s

team is based on professionals and partners with high-tech manufacturing

capabilities, allow it to a better understanding of customer’s needs and

requirements, so that the far-fetched advanced solution could be reachable.


With Double Check, clients enjoy thermal and thermoelectric solutions that

are accurate, cost-effective, versatile, dependable, and safe.

The services provided by Double Check are wide-spread and include the


Consultation: We work closely with our customer to define the exact needs,

and find the best solution to the defined thermal problem. Our thermal

solutions are ensured by thermal analysis made using FloEFD software.

Development & Design (thermal, mechanical and electronic): Based on

precise analysis and performance optimization, Double Check’s professional

team designs the system structure and can perform Design-to-cost or Design-
to-need. Development service includes both complete systems and

components (TE modules, heat sinks, heat pipes etc.)

Manufacturing (molds or mass): When it’s time to go from prototype to the

actual product, we offer in-depth industry knowledge and the latest in

production technology.

Assembly: We deliver products ready-for-operation, or as components for

immediate installation.

Off-the-Shelf Products: One may find a variety of products and components

including TE Modules, Fans, Heat Sinks, Temperature Controllers and Heat


Guarantee: Double Check provides warranty agreements for all of its products

Double Check’s team led by veteran engineer, Alex Gurevich, PhD with more

than 20 years experience (including 10 years with TES Ltd) in providing high

performance thermal and thermoelectric solutions ensures clients that they

are getting the best possible thermoelectric solution.


Double Check provides service of manufacturing of the developed thermal

and thermoelectric system based on manufacturing capabilities of its strategic

partners in the field of manufacturing: Bar Tal Tech Ltd and Goodman (GVC)

Ltd. Both companies have many years of experience in the field of contract

manufacturing including Military and Medical application. The companies

provide turn-key manufacturing service to many high-tech companies.


Double Check’s global customers vary from start-up companies to established

corporations, most of which are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Between Double Check’s customers are Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace

Industries, RAD, Syneron Medical, Lumenis, Fibernet, Mennen Medical,

Magen Eco-Energy, Orlite Industries Ltd, Rotem Health @ Safety, Beth

Matechet Ltd, Ministry of Health,…

Quality Assurance

Our employees are committed to understanding and meeting customers’

evolving needs. Double Check embeds its quality assurance policy in all

products manufactured and services provided. Sophisticated process control,

continuous improvement processes and strict adherence to ISO 9001-2000,

UL, CE, NSF, CSA and more.