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  1. Electronics & Communications (cooling, heating or temperature control)

    1. Electronic components
    2. Fiber-optics
    3. Laser diodes
    4. Telecommunication circuit boards
    5. Industrial computer enclosures

  2. Medical Equipment

    1. Mobile refrigerators for transporting materials or

  3. Defense & Avionics – Cooling or temperature control

    1. Missile and satellite systems
    2. Night vision equipment
    3. Field uniforms and helmets

  4. Food & Catering

    1. Food trays and carts (heating and cooling)
    2. Dairy refrigerators

  5. Laboratory Equipment

    1. Biological testing equipment
    2. Performance checking equipment for electronic components under various thermal conditions

  6. Consumer Products

    1. Water heating and cooling units
    2. Wine refrigeration units
    3. Insulated boxes