The use of thermoelectric systems often provides the ONLY solution to many difficult thermal management problems. Low Maintenance: With virtually no moving parts and no gasses or fluorocarbons, thermoelectric systems are simple to maintain.

Compact: Thermoelectric systems are smaller and lighter than comparable mechanical systems.

Precise: Due to low thermal mass and the possibility of fast switching between cooling and heating modes, TEM’s provide very precise temperature control – better than +/-0.1º

Wide Temperature Ranges: Systems can cool to temperatures of up to -50ºc when the ambient temperature is +30ºc, and up to -100ºc. Heating systems can heat to temperatures of +180ºc.

Economical: By simply reversing the polarity, TEM’s can be used in both cooling and heating applications within the same module system.

Environmentally Friendly: Thermoelectric systems are quiet and safe, and use no fluorocarbons.

Vibration Free: Thermoelectric systems do not vibrate.